AI for Business

Weber Shandwick

Client: IBM

AI was the business topic of conversation in 2023, exploding in popularity across all sectors and markets. However, along with the hype came questions and concerns around deployment, regulation, and the impact on the workforce.

There was a clear gap in the conversation for a trusted voice to guide businesses through the deployment process and offer expert insights into the fast-moving AI developments. Weber Shandwick’s AI Campaign for IBM aimed to fill this gap: to highlight IBM’s decades of experience in AI, educate business leaders on the potential of the technology, and provide a trusted voice to those navigating the complex landscape. Weber Shandwick harnessed its diverse content capabilities to create a three-pronged integrated content campaign; a EMEA wide research project on responsible leadership in the age of AI, a LinkedIn Live series which brought together industry-leading business figures and organization to discuss how AI is effective their industries over 26 episodes, and a drumbeat of thought-leadership, offering B2B insight into the fast-moving AI landscape, such as regulation, workforce, sustainability and finance. At its core, the AI campaign was about cutting through the noise of AI to provide real, tangible insights to businesses across the global and industries, and ultimately succeeding in its business objective of increasing IBM’s share of voice in conversation and driving commercial conversations with global organisations.