Beth Robertson

iNHouse Communications

Beth Robertson has swiftly risen up the ranks to Senior Account Manager at iNHouse Communications since her start in January 2022, after completing her MSc in Politics and Communication. Renowned for her strategic acumen and polling expertise, she led a successful public affairs campaign for the UK Spirits Alliance, saving British businesses over £200 million during a difficult fiscal period.

Her portfolio of high-profile clients includes managing day-to-day operations for Diageo, where she orchestrated major events like the Tanqueray Summer Party. Beth's ability to liaise with top-level politicians and provide strategic briefings has been pivotal in facilitating significant conversations for Diageo leaders. Additionally, she has been integral in promoting YouTube's contribution to the UK economy, organizing events and forging partnerships that have reinforced YouTube's industry presence. Beth's most notable campaign with Google, 'Digital Garage', has seen her enhancing Google's engagement with political leaders and furthering their digital skills training mission. Her creativity shines in campaign strategy, such as innovatively using polling data to influence national narratives and policy decisions. At iNHouse, Beth is integral to both client success and the company's culture. Her mentorship and support to new team members have been key in maintaining a dynamic and supportive work environment. Her reputation for detailed, competent work and robust networks has led to successful client events and interventions, making her an invaluable asset to both iNHouse and its clients.