Let's Talk About Sex

Words + Pixels

Client: Hims & Hers

By commissioning landmark research, Words + Pixels was able to position Hims as the leading men’s telehealth brand in the UK, dominate the conversation about sexual wellness, and generate the sorts of headlines its competitors could only dream of.

Unrivalled in its depth and ambition, “Let’s Talk About Sex: The UK Report” fearlessly took on entrenched taboos with authority and confidence, and became a masterclass in media relations that continues to set the agenda – six months after its first publication. In a nascent but increasingly crowded healthcare category (telehealth) where standing out is imperative, Words + Pixels succeeded in carving a distinctive thought leadership position for Hims – elevating it way above other platforms offering sexual wellness products and making the brand the first port of call for journalists and commentators. This campaign showed that with genuine insight, careful planning, and forensic execution, it was possible to create real conversation around a complicated subject that everyone was interested in, yet no other brands were equipped to talk about intelligently.