Making It Click


At Aviva we have four strategic pillars and the most important one is customer. Yet, when we chatted to our frontline colleagues, they told us teams who don’t speak to customers every day don’t always think ‘customer first’. Our annual Voice of Aviva 2022 survey also showed our Customer Focus Index at 80%, far lower than most areas (we had an 88% overall engagement rate). So, our 2023 focus was to build an even more customer-centric Aviva.

Insights showed that finances can be puzzling – so Aviva set out to solve our own puzzle; how do we help colleagues to understand their role in how we solve our customers’ financial puzzles every day? Well, just like the satisfaction you get when you click the last puzzle piece into place, our first ever company-wide colleague campaign solves the puzzle and makes everyone feel great! Introducing ‘making it click’ – a campaign showing how Aviva helps customers solve their financial puzzles. We hero colleagues ‘making it click’ for customers and demonstrate the link back to the customer for teams who don’t directly interact with them. We’ve shared individual and team stories and amplified colleagues interacting and telling their own stories. We do this visually, in written format and through video across all our internal channels from email to events to our new internal social platform, Workvivo. We’ve approached it in new and creative ways unseen before at Aviva, created talkability and, most importantly, improved our Voice of Aviva customer scores.