Max Borland

iNHouse Communications

Max Borland has exhibited rapid career progression since his start in May 2022. His transition from the finance industry to follow his passion for politics has been marked by two swift promotions due to his adept client management and advisory skills, and he is now an Account Manager at iNHouse.

Max has led significant projects for Google, including parliamentary engagement and the organisation of Google's Future Forum, a major gathering on AI and tech's future, resulting in a highly successful event attended by the UK's top political thinkers. Max's collaboration with YouTube involved rolling out their latest economic impact report, highlighting the creative industry's significance. In the company, Max's role extends beyond client work, as he actively shapes iNHouse's culture, mentoring new staff, and enhancing the work environment. Max's dedication to skill development has seen him build a formidable political network, enabling swift resolutions for client issues. Max's effectiveness and comprehensive approach to client and political engagement underscore his valuable presence within iNHouse and the broader industry.