Siân Jones

What sets a consultant apart in a highly talented sector? Leading innovative, successful client campaigns is essential. But at Grayling, with the largest UK public affairs network across the country, delivering meaningful policy change in the communities in which we operate is what defines an award-winning performance. This is what our nominee for this award, Siân Jones, achieved in 2023/2024. 

Born and bred in Wales, Siân is one of Grayling's public affairs practice. But she brings a unique national skill set to the agency from her time at the Treasury, in the Commons and in the media - proving that devolved public affairs shouldn't be siloed. 

Not only has she grown our business in Westminster and Wales, comprehensively delivering against all of PR Week's criteria, she has achieved some of the biggest policy wins in her patch in the agency's history - including securing a £26 million investment in a Wales Freeport. Her local leadership and and national profile in the media has attracted the best consultants and clients. Her innovative delivery of a truly bilingual public affairs offer has won flagship pitches with Statkraft and Moderna, while her client handling strengthened decade old relationships and brought rigour to new ones. 

We believe Siân is a worthy winner of this award, and a timely demonstration of what a transformational role a truly devolved and national consultant can have on policy change at home, business growth and colleagues across the country.