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Sigma Software Group, a Swedish-Ukrainian company, has always adhered to the principle of listening and responding to specialists’ requests. Grassroots initiatives have always come first. In response to people’s needs, the company created traditions, communities (professional, sports and hobby), communication tools, educational programmes and processes.

Since 24 February 2022, every employee of our company has focused on the war and how they could help the country, their loved ones, the army, and the civilian people who suffer from the current situation. This, of course, changed the priority of HR and CRS activities. Environmental initiatives and sporting challenges were temporarily put on the back burner as everyone focused on three things: *Evacuation, *Fundraising and Volunteering, *Going back to work. From the first days, it was clear that the mission could not be completed by one department or a team. It needed the effort of everyone, no matter what the position and role. All the team became volunteers, resolving hundreds of tasks apart from the usual responsibilities. Values, Leadership and Communication became our three pillars.