Swipe Left, Invest Right: How the Principles of Dating Can Be Applied to Investing

MHP Group

Client: Financial Conduct Authority

The Financial Conduct Authority needed to engage with inexperienced investors dabbling with high-risk investments, so we turned to the world of dating and encouraged investors to ‘invest how you date’. Creating a suite of informative content, we activated this across social – via influencers - and earned media, a dedicated landing page, a Time Out partnership, and an in-person event for young investors. We achieved over 100 pieces of coverage across national, broadcast, trade and consumer media with 90% including a key message; saw 63 ‘saves’ of the Instagram content and had 41 people join the event out of a target of 50. This was the first time the UK’s regulator had engaged directly with its audience; a radical new approach and one that has set the stage for future campaigns.