Thomas Jane

iNHouse Communications

Thomas Jane has rapidly ascended at iNHouse Communications since January 2021, going from Account Assistant to Account Manager. Key achievements include being a lead player in a 'Future Skills' campaign for Kingston University, culminating in a PRCA-recognized 'Exceptional Campaign of the Year' and substantial business growth for iNHouse. He was also pivotal in two successful duty freeze campaigns for the UK Spirits Alliance, saving businesses over £200 million.

Tom's creative strategies, such as leveraging social media for Northumbria University's University of the Year campaign, have established lasting political connections and showcased his innovative thinking. Beyond campaigns, Tom has been instrumental in mentoring new staff, enhancing client relations, and actively contributing to the company's mentorship program. His dedication to continuous learning and skill-sharing benefits the entire team. Despite his non-political beginnings, Tom's built an impressive network, securing significant meetings and influencing policy. His proactive role in client success and internal leadership has made him an invaluable member of iNHouse and a trusted figure in public affairs.