What on Earth is the Value of Space

Ogilvy UK

Client: Inmarsat

You’ve probably never heard of Inmarsat, or what it does. Yet, every flight, every ship you’ve ever travelled on was probably powered by Inmarsat satellite connectivity. So, now, you know.​ ​ Inmarsat tasked Ogilvy with a crucial mission: shifting public attention to the importance of space in promoting sustainability on Earth and raising awareness about the imminent threat of space debris. Space junk endangers crews, spacecraft, and crucial satellites, potentially impacting life on Earth if debris falls back to the planet. Simple, brief: Ogilvy, can you help us save the planet?​ ​ What started as a report – the biggest of its kind in terms of consumer attitudes towards space – then sparked a global conversation with influencers whose voices carry real weight – George Freeman MP, the UK Minister for Science, those working within the civil space industry, members of the European Space Agency (ESA) and Scott Kelly, a former NASA astronaut.​ ​ The story hit everywhere you could dream of imagining. We took the space sustainability conversation – something no one was talking about before – to the mainstream. This corporate campaign became the biggest satellite story of all time driving more coverage in one campaign, than the whole sector in the last three years combined. ​ The real win for us was the industry change, NASA funding an orbital debris programme, and major nations Japan and China committing to removing space junk. The UN Office of Outer Space Affairs called for increased space junk clean-up efforts.