Winning Together


Client: Tesco

Tesco launched its new purpose – serving our customers, communities and planet a little better every day – in the midst of the pandemic. Since then, ongoing volatility, war in Ukraine and rising inflation has intensified the competitive landscape and Tesco’s continued success depends on its global workforce rallying behind this purpose. So, in early 2023, we set out to re-energise and mobilise colleagues behind Tesco’s purpose and plan.

Our strategy was to show not tell, harnessing TV-style storytelling to show the purpose in action and lift the curtain on future plans. The result: an interactive two-hour TV magazine show, combining live studio discussion with pre-record filming, broadcast to all Tesco managers and office colleagues. Taking inspiration from The One Show and Inside the Factory, we dialled up the entertainment factor to excite colleagues. We worked with ITN to craft a daytime TV-style set and format, commissioned a prime-time documentary producer to bring Tesco’s purpose to life through real customers and colleagues, and turned colleagues into roving reporters. Colleague engagement surpassed all expectations, with 15,000+ registrations (83% watched live), averaging 1 hr 57 mins per view. 95% of colleagues said the broadcast gave them a good sense of progress against our core purpose and strategic priorities, 86% felt more motivated by Tesco plans, 80% found the link between their team’s work and the purpose clearer, 79% were more likely to recommend Tesco as a place to shop and 72% were more likely to recommend Tesco as a place to work.